Dear Younger Me,


I wish big decisions were easier. I smile as I write this, because I know how much you want decisions to be easy. You laugh at yourself at restaurants with endless menus because it takes you a while to decide what you really want, and it would be much easier if you had to choose between two or three items. Yet some decisions have more weight than that, and it becomes hard as you try to choose between two very good or very different options.


As I face a big decision right now, I’d love to tell you I have the perfect formula. Maybe a few years from now with a little more wisdom I’d have a better idea of what I’d say to you. I can share some snippets of little wisdoms with you right now, though.


A first piece of advice I’d share with you is to be patient in the process – don’t try to figure it all out in an hour. I’m feeling a little stressed right now about making this decision, but I’m trying to remind myself that the worry doesn’t help. Jesus can help sort the decision out more than the worry can. Over and over, you’ll hear your family remind you, “Pray about it.” Invite Him into the process.


Second, look for the open doors. I know you want flashy, neon signs, or loud shouts from God directing you, “This way! This choice!” I wish He worked that way. But you’ll see within every big decision you’ll make, doors will open to opportunities that could only be from the hand of God. Here’s something for you to remember – I’ve been told several times that in situations like this, God can work in whichever decision is made. I’ve said no to an opportunity before, and I believe He worked in that decision. And I’ve said yes before, and God has also worked in beautiful ways in those. So while you may face a dilemma staring at two choices, know God can work in either, but it does help to look closely for how He’s working and moving and opening doors.


Third, sometimes a pro/con list helps. That’s the perfectionistic planner in you trying to make the best decision possible, and while I wouldn’t suggest marrying yourself to the list when it comes to the decision, it will help you organize your thoughts and lay it all out on the table.


Decisions aren’t easy, so breathe. Get advice from the people who can speak into your life, sure. Remember how God has worked in your life before. Take another deep breath.



Authored by Shine.FM on August 31, 2020.