Dear Younger Me, 

Your hard work pays off, but that also means when you aren’t putting the work in, you’re going to feel it. You are a naturally hard worker, and you’ll experience those thrills of joy when you see that your work is truly paying off. But that hard work often means a sacrifice of time and energy that you sometimes don’t want to give up. In those times when you find yourself on the bench or you see the work of others bloom before you, remember the choices you made for yourself. And I hope you also remember that you can’t do everything and be everything, either. Sometimes your energy is going to other places and you won’t find yourself excelling in the area that you find yourself behind in. And sometimes, you’ll remember that if you do want to grow, that you have to make a choice to put your effort in a new area. And I hope that someday you’ll look back at those times you didn’t excel with appreciation, because they either reminded you of the importance of growing yourself, or they showed you that choosing not to go into overdrive was still a good choice. 



Authored by Shine.FM on January 02, 2023.