Dear Younger Me, 

Those trophies won’t mean much someday. I know you want them, those physical reminders that you’re good at the sports you enjoy, something that could boost your self-esteem. But they’re not going to mean much later in life, when you’ve moved on from sports. Sure, it’ll always be cool to win an award, but that award isn’t everything. And you’ll certainly always appreciate the ones you did get. But one day you’ll clean out your room and that bookshelf where the trophies are, and you’ll put them in a box. And you’ll realize as you box them up that you forgot about what you won. And after you box them, you might not look at them but a handful of times after that. I think having a goal and something to work towards is a beautiful thing for you, but putting your stock in that trophy as something to define you is not a good thing. You are so much more than a trophy. And, I hope you’ll see someday that your favorite moments from sports were the ones that you don‘t get trophies for.  



Authored by Shine.FM on January 16, 2023.