Dear Younger Me, 

Take care of your body. You know how important it is for you to get sleep, and really, how much you love sleep. When it’s tempting to stay up later (and sometimes, that is okay), remember the importance of your sleep to your health for the next day. Also, drink more water. This is something you will realize later in life that you really struggle to keep up with, but I hope you’ll learn that the discipline of drinking water is going to be so much better for your body. And even when you’re too tired to cook, don’t skimp on your food. Make a point to pack a good lunch, and maybe find some easy things you can whip up for breakfast and dinner when you’re in a pinch. The important thing is just making sure you are actually eating the nutrients your body needs. And, exercise is going to be a tough one later in your life, so I hope you’ll see the goodness it does for your body, and you’ll creatively find ways to incorporate exercise throughout the week. Keeping up with everything can feel like a lot to fight for, but God has given you your body, and your life, to steward, so care for it well that you may function at your best. 



Authored by Shine.FM on May 15, 2023.