Dear Younger Me, 

You don’t have to earn a seat at God’s table.  

You’ve been taught to earn your spot, and you know what it’s like to be afraid to lose your spot and what it’s like to lose it. When you think about what that felt like to be sent further down the bench, you relive that hurt. You fear messing up because you don’t want to be replaced. And even when you have worked hard for your seat you’re in, and you’re told you belong, you won’t feel like you do belong. You’ll be taught someday to answer why you belong at the table, and you’re going to struggle. You’ll have all the reasons why you don’t belong where you are, when your answer should take the other position.  

The words of a Netflix show will stop you someday. An employee shares with her boss how she’s failing and gives him her resignation letter, and he looks at her and tells her she’ll always have a seat next to him. Sometimes you will fail, and sometimes you’ll do all you can and still you’ll fail, but God doesn’t give you a seat on your own merit. He doesn’t ask you to earn it, He doesn’t demote you. You have a seat at God’s table because Jesus made it possible for you to sit there. And accepting that gift is all it takes.  

You have a seat with your God, no earning necessary. 



Authored by Shine.FM on March 21, 2022.