Dear Younger Me,

It’s a season of reflection, and sometimes that reflection can hurt as you think about what was versus what is or how you wish for things to be. As important as I believe reflection is, I think you need to be careful, too. You can get caught in the heartbreak of past seasons without remembering the growth that came from them. 

Remember that time you had a bad dream and Mom told you to think about good things and good thoughts? While reflecting, you’ll come across those “bad dreams,” and I encourage you to not try to erase them and slap good thoughts in their places, but to remember that good came from those hard times. As you think about the good in those hard things, you can celebrate how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown, and how God led you through those times.

Don’t let yourself get dramatic over it, as you can’t change the past. Instead, recognize that remembering hurts but rise above it and own where you are now. And I think you’ll be really proud of yourself when you do. 




Authored by Shine.FM on November 30, 2020.