Dear Younger Me, 

Procrastination is unfair. When you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, and others have to carry your weight for you, that’s not fair to them. There are necessary responsibilities that you have as a part of your life and activities, and I know they aren’t very fun. I hope you learn to embrace that, so you can own your responsibilities, and carry out your duties as a part of your team and family. Because when you’re thinking only about yourself, it’s easy to procrastinate your to-do list and think you can do things later. But when later comes, and you find yourself stuck because you can’t cover all your priorities, that’s when your laziness affects others who have to cover for what you can’t do. You know what it’s like to have to cover for others and how frustrating that is, so don’t put yourself in a position where others have to do that for you. Yes, remember that rest is good, and sometimes life is crazy and busy and you will need help from others to carry your workload when you really can’t do it all, but think about how your choices to put off your responsibilities may impact the people in your life. 



Authored by Shine.FM on May 22, 2023.