Dear Younger Me, 

Long for Heaven. This world has some beautiful blessings from God, but don’t allow those good things to become your life’s desire, because there’s a better life to come. I know you’re afraid of Heaven, that life will look different from what it does now. And, you’re selfish, which is silly, that you don’t want to spend all your time in Heaven glorifying God or trading the good things God gives you in this life for the indescribable glories of Heaven. But, I want you to remember the moments of worship praising God in His presence with His people, arms held powerful you want to hold onto the awesomeness of those moments forever...and you feel feelings you don’t know how to describe other than feeling so free. If that is a taste of Heaven, then keep that in your heart so you press on, looking forward to an eternal life of living in that glory and glorifying God.  

You can say you want Heaven because it’s perfect, and the perfectionist you are looks forward to when there is no more wrong, and no more sin to be contended with. But, Heaven is more than just a perfect place – it is where the throne of God is. Long for perfection, yes, but I hope you long for Heaven because glorifying God for eternity is the most wonderful way to live.  



Authored by Shine.FM on June 05, 2023.