Dear Younger Me,

Don’t take where you are for granted. In the unlovely moments, the routine days, or when you’re longing for more adventure, be thankful for what you’ve got now. Your life can be an adventure now. As you watch TV and scroll through social media and Pinterest boards, it’s easy to wish for a different life – one that’s Hallmark-worthy or one that’s chalked full of adventures and new sights to see.

But instead of wishing for a more adventurous life, find ways to add adventure to the life you’ve got. It might not be going on a hike to see the waterfalls of Oregon, but you can find ways to make the best memories with the people in your life right here and now. Maybe it’s putting up the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving or eating a picnic in the backyard. Maybe it’s driving to the beach on a windy fall day or going to the farmers’ market with friends.

Before you do that though, you need to give yourself the freedom to make time. Let yourself relax a little, letting some tasks be “imperfect,” so that you can enjoy the life God’s given you. And when you look at your life really closely, you’ll see that there are adventurous, life-filled moments you’ve forgotten about. So, there’s no need to be wishing for another life when God’s already given you a beautiful one!



Authored by Shine.FM on November 16, 2020.