Dear Younger Me,

Oh, the pain your heart has been in. You’ve listened to the lies for far too long. You’ve believed words about yourself and how to live life that have locked you up and left you hurting. If I could turn back time and teach you this lesson to save yourself the heartache, I would, because you’ll find yourself broken someday under the weight of it all. And I can’t do that, but I can tell you that that's not how life was intended to be - Jesus came for you to live in freedom from all of it. 

Look at all the lies you’ve ever believed and why you’ve believed them. When you do, you’ll find how unnecessary it was to carry those burdens. Then write your truths (God's truths) to counter those lies. Tape them in your room, and read them often. Then destroy the lies - burn that piece of paper if you have to. Watch them disappear, remembering that that’s what Jesus came for - to bring life from ashes, to make all things new, to redeem and restore. It’s a freeing feeling. 

And no, it’s not easy to leave those lies where you left them. You have to learn to stop picking them back up and leave them in that pile of ashes. Because Jesus intends for you to live a life of freedom, of abundance, of joy, of hope, of peace, and of love as His dear child. 

Because all those truths you’ll write for yourself come down to this: you are so loved by God your Father. And that's what matters most. 


Authored by Shine.FM on September 20, 2021.