Dear Younger Me,

Jesus included you and includes you. 

I know your struggles to fit in and feel included and valued, and I know how much it hurts to be left on the outside. Remember, though, that the greatest friend you can ever have chose you before you were born. He didn’t go to the cross for a few of His favorites. He went for the whole world, and that includes you. Every moment standing outside the circle, every moment the picture was taken without you, every moment you listened to others talk about that party - they can all pale in comparison when you realize that Jesus wants you, and that matters more than anything.

And He loves it when you include others. Live in the knowledge that you are loved, and then love others. You know what it feels like to be on the outside, so change that for others. Looking back, I would hope that you would become someone who sees the ones who need to be included, instead of being the one who seeks to be included. Just skip that step. 

Remember that Jesus is the friend who includes you, who won’t leave, and who gave His life for you. There’s no greater act than that. 




Authored by Shine.FM on November 15, 2021.