Dear Younger Me, 

If you’re not the best, it’s okay. I know your jealous and envious heart and how hard it is for you to watch others excel at the things you want to excel at. Sometimes, it’s a matter of talent and sometimes it’s a matter of putting the work in, but it is okay if you’re not the best. The question you should be asking is “Are you trying your best?” And, you should be championing the ones who are excelling. Your sisters and brothers in Christ who are achieving and using their gifts and talents for God’s glory should be celebrated. God never asked you to be the best at something. He just wants you to use what He’s given you for His glory. So, even if you dislike the well-roundedness that characterizes your abilities, that’s okay, because if you’re living for Him it doesn’t matter how excellent you are in the world’s eyes.  

The Bible talks about how each one’s gifts are important like each part of the body is important. There are a lot of body parts that are obvious as being important (the eyes, lungs, heart, brain, stomach...), but even the smallest bone in the body, the stapes, is important because it helps with hearing. The cool thing is, it works with a couple other bones for the purpose of hearing, and while hearing isn’t totally reliant on the stapes, it is needed. So, while you may want others to be totally reliant on you for some amazing skill, you can know that being a part of a team of others is just as important in the work you are called to do. 

Put the work in to grow, yes. But be careful of a drive to be number one, because that is not what defines you. You’re a child of God with God-given gifts, and so are your brothers and sisters. Work together. 



Authored by Shine.FM on April 11, 2022.