Dear Younger Me, 

Learn to share in the things that make others happy. The selfishness in you wants to complain when your loves ones pick activities that you don’t find as much interest in, and your attitude might make an appearance, but when you look back at the moments you spent complaining during the activity your loved one loves, you’re going to regret that. Instead, realize that even though you might not find that TV show as entertaining, or you don’t live and breathe hiking a mountain, what is special about doing those things is doing them with the people you love. You appreciate it when someone watches your favorite movie with you, or any other time someone partakes in an activity you love even when it’s not their favorite. So, find joy in joining in, appreciating the things others love and appreciating the ones you love. It’s wonderful to see their joy in doing something they love or to laugh along with them in sharing the experience together. The Bible has a lot to say about complaining and grumbling, as well as loving others. Be aware of your stubbornness, knowing when to lay it down and choose the joy of time with your people. Because the smiles and the joy on their faces and the time spent is all so beautiful. 



Authored by Shine.FM on November 14, 2022.