Dear Younger Me, 

Elevate others around you. That also means it’s important to know your place. You may be jealous of others’ roles on the team and try to pull a move that’s not yours to make, but I hope you’ll recognize the importance of relying on your teammates who are better than you. I hope you will realize someday that you don’t have to envy or be jealous of those who are on your team when they have a lot of talent. I know you fear that they’ll one day be better than you, take your spot, and be more successful. But it’ll stick with you someday when you read a book about leadership, how important it is to raise the next leaders up to be better than you. That makes it important for you to see potential and talent, not be afraid of it, and help them grow and succeed or just simply step out of the way and let them shine. You can also learn from the ones on your team, and you’ll grow, too.  

I want you to embrace the life of Jesus and the words all throughout the Bible about not being proud, not seeking to be the greatest in the eyes of the world and instead choosing to be a servant in humility. Never in the Bible does Jesus tell you to be the best in your skills, but the greatest commandments He said were to love God and to love your neighbor. So, love your neighbor, and find joy in helping them grow to be even better than you. 


Authored by Shine.FM on March 06, 2023.