Dear Younger Me, 

Can you be thankful for the chores? I know, cleaning and yardwork aren’t the most fun things to do on a Saturday. Doing dishes after supper is not ideal. Folding laundry while a show is on when you could be snuggled up is also not your favorite, but if you only knew what all those chores are preparing you for. Not only have your parents shown you the importance of doing your part in your home, but they are preparing you to take care of your husband and your own home someday. And you’ll be so thankful you know how to do such things when you get there. You’ll know what cleaning products work and what setting the laundry machine should be set on, and you’ll handle those tasks with confidence.  

I know right now, it isn’t fun. You can try to imagine and wonder if anybody else’s parents make them clean or help with cooking and dishes or yardwork, but I wish I could tell you now to learn as much as you can. Sure, when you’re older and you don’t know how to do something you can always ask for help or do some research (and believe me, I’ve done that plenty), but I didn’t have the appreciation for what I was learning when I was younger.  

Because someday, there will be somebody (hopefully somebodies) you can take care of, and thanks to your parents you’ll be equipped and ready to do so. 



Authored by Shine.FM on October 17, 2022.