Dear Younger Me, 

If the chores don’t get done, it doesn’t mean you failed. You will find yourself in seasons of your life when the dishes stack up and the laundry sits on the floor, halfway done. Your desk could be a mess, and the bathroom needs cleaned, but I hope you will give yourself grace to see that you don’t have to live up to the expectation of having everything done all the time. Because sometimes, you just can’t get it all done.  

You are always making steps of progress, even if the project isn’t done when you want it to be. And it’s also okay to rest, you really need to. You will have seasons where it seems like everything is happening all at once, and you can’t do it all. But you can do some, so I hope you realize, you can be okay with some. Should you strive for perfection and living the life God has called you to of serving? Absolutely. But you also need to remember that God knows you aren’t perfect. And He’s also called you to rest. Look at your responsibilities from that view, and I think you’ll see your mindset change.  



Authored by Shine.FM on April 24, 2023.