Dear Younger Me,

When the battle is raging, please rally the troops! You might rather fight the war alone because it’s easier to not let people in, but when you call for help, you can better stand and fight. 

There’s a really cool story in Exodus 17, when Moses needed his brother Aaron and his friend Hur to hold up his hands as the people of Israel fought a major battle. The mental and physical stress and strain on Moses as he watched from above on the hill must have been great. He knew as he watched that if he held his arms up high his people would win, but if he let them down, they’d lose. But he couldn’t hold up his hands on his own for long. Thank goodness he had his buddies on that hill with him to help him! Because, if he lost his strength alone, that would have been tragic for the army of Israel. I also wonder if Moses might have felt like a burden to Aaron and Hur, or embarrassed that he couldn’t do something so simple. Maybe he wondered why God didn’t just give him the strength to do it on his own. But I would hope that Aaron and Hur in that moment were just so ready to support him that it didn’t matter one bit. Maybe God chose not to give the strength to Moses so he could experience being strengthened by his friends instead. 

Like Moses, there are seasons you may feel the same way. You might feel tempted to try to fight the battle with your own strength. You might feel like a burden asking for people to come alongside you in your fight. You might beg God to just give you the strength to get through it on your own. But you’ll see when you rally your troops, that you’re not a burden. You’ll see you are loved, and those people aren’t just ready to fight with you, they’re going to fight for you, too. And you'll see that strength can be found in the arms of others. 




Authored by Shine.FM on April 12, 2021.