Dear Younger Me,

You are not replaceable. Don’t let the fear of being replaced on the court, in your job, or in any situation ever make you feel like YOU are replaceable or unworthy. You have this underlying fear that if you don’t perform well, you’ll be benched or demoted. The truth is, it does happen. But those times don’t define who you are.

Because you are so much more than a performance. Remember that band competition in fifth grade and your first saxophone solo? Afterwards, you could only think of everything you did wrong, not everything you did correctly. And not just with that solo, because you do that with every sports game, too. I wish for you that you would have grace to see the good things, confidence to believe that you can do what you’re doing, and the utmost certainty that your value and worth go far beyond what you do.

Your performances do not make you who you are. Your mistakes don’t, either. Because you are a child of God, one of His chosen people and a part of His prized possession, as it says in 1 Peter. Even with all the mistakes and faults, Jesus wants you in His life. He doesn’t demote you or replace you in His life when you mess up. He’s got open arms for you!



Authored by Shine.FM on February 22, 2021.