Dear Younger Me,

When you watch a complicated movie, you start blurting questions. You know it’s important to be patient, and you think you are generally a patient person, but you’re really not as patient as you think you are. The movie, in your opinion, would make much more sense if you knew the answers right away, even though you know the answers are coming and they’ll be revealed when they should.  

In the same way, you are not very patient as you wait in the unknown. All the questions of what your life should look like or why it looks the way it does and how to handle everything you don’t know how to handle make you anxious. You can ask God, “Why is this my story?” You can ask Him, “What do I do right now?” You can ask him, “Why can’t I get it right?” 

But, even in the unknown, God is God, and He does know the answers, though you may have to wait for them. Think about Abraham in the Bible. God called him to pack up and move to a new land, but Abraham probably wasn’t sure how this would all play out. He had to walk from his homeland to the new land through all that land in between. I would like to think he had a ton of questions, but his faith carried him through. 

Even Jesus had to remind the disciples that even if they didn’t understand some of the things going on, someday they would. You also might not understand what or how the Lord may be working in your life, but I believe that you can rest assured that you will someday. 




Authored by Shine.FM on May 17, 2021.