Dear Younger Me, 

Learn to set boundaries for yourself. Your people-pleasing, perfectionist nature makes you believe you have to do everything. But you don’t. You can say no to going out. You can press pause on the dishes. You can let that sport go to give yourself a break. You can choose rest for yourself, and you’re probably going to find that you need it. Listen to yourself when you feel overloaded so you can take a step back. And the beautiful thing is, is that you’re still just as loved. Saying no or taking a break from a task doesn’t make your loved ones love you less. Sure, there might be hopes for you to do this or that, but ultimately, they love you. And as you read about Jesus, you will realize that He withdrew from the crowds of people following Him, and though teaching and healing and being with the people were all really good things, the times He removed Himself to be with God were what He needed. And It’s important for you to do the same. 



Authored by Shine.FM on December 19, 2022.