Dear Younger Me, 

All the times you’ve tiptoed around other women because you think they don’t like you or you’re afraid they won’t...what if you just chose to pursue their friendship instead of giving in to your fears? You fear that they don’t want your company or think that you aren’t cool enough, but what if they are fighting insecurity just like you? Or what if you just find their personality hard to read? Mom will remind you of the practice of just asking that person about their life. People do enjoy talking about themselves! But your questions will show you care, and I think it’ll direct your focus away from thinking about yourself and being self-centered. You'll get to freely love as God calls. There's always a desire to be wanted – wanting others to reach out first, showing that they want a friendship. So maybe you could be the one to reach out. I hope that the less you consider your insecurities and the more you choose to just invest in the lives of the people around you, you will find some sweet friendships and beautiful connections. 


Authored by Shine.FM on April 17, 2023.