Dear Younger Me,

Marvel at God. Don’t believe yourself when you believe you can’t see Him. There are times you struggle to experience joy and wonder, but when you make the choice to look for Him and find awe in what He does, you will see Him. You’ll find Him in a sunset, as the heavens declare His glory. You’ll find Him in a conversation with a family member. You’ll find Him as you listen to a phone conversation between two women, as one comforts the other through shared pain. You’ll find Him when you look at the blessings right in front of you with gratitude and appreciation. 

While the people who walked with Jesus had the advantage of seeing His miracles and the wonders He was able to do, it doesn’t mean you can’t also be in awe of what He’s done and what He does and what He will do. Luke 9:43 says, “Awe gripped the people as they saw this majestic display of God’s power. While everyone was marveling at everything he was doing, Jesus said to his disciples…” You didn’t see Jesus walk on water or turn water into wine or make the blind see and the deaf hear, but you do see how Jesus brings people together. You do see the intricacies of the world and the things He has created (you'll realize kiwis are really beautiful!). You do see the ways He has orchestrated your life and the people He has put in your life because He knew you needed them. You do see the way He works for and through and in others, too.

So choose awe, choose to marvel, and choose to praise God in the big and the small. Let His glory change you as you celebrate how amazing He is.



Authored by Shine.FM on December 13, 2021.