Dear Younger Me, 

When you read, “You shall have no other gods before me,” that applies to you, too. It seems like such an ancient commandment, in a world where many cultures worshipped gods for everything. But even though you have the knowledge that God is the only and one true God, you still do have other things that will and do take the place of God.  

Your image, your desires, your job...all those things can take your eyes away and your heart away from God. The things your eyes focus on aren’t necessarily bad, but when you make them obsessions, you revere those things far more than you should. God is the giver and the sustainer, and He needs to have the number one place in your heart.  

Make God your number one, sweet one. Because at the end of the age, He is the God above all you will spend eternity with, and while you won’t struggle with worshipping Him in eternity, right now is the time to hold onto Him, follow Him, seek Him, and keep your eyes on Him.  



Authored by Shine.FM on April 25, 2022.