Dear Younger Me,

Let people in. Beautiful things happen when you open up your heart. When you open up, others open up, and that’s when a beautiful thing called trust grows. When you share what’s bothering you, you open yourself up to the possibility that others can help you instead of trying to get through the struggle on your own. Whether it’s a cookie-brownie, a book recommendation, cheerleading through words of affirmation, prayers, or a hug, you’ll find friends and family ready to help you when you let them in the deep places.

It’s up to you to be honest. Sometimes, they’ll see you’re not yourself and ask if you’re okay. At other times, ask for encouragement yourself, because if no one knows you’re hurting, no one can help. There are moments that won’t be suited for a heart-to-heart and that’s okay, but you’ll know when to not pass them up.

God already knows what’s in the deep places of your heart, and you should invite Him in, too. Remember though, that God created you to live in community, and some of the most wonderful encouragement comes through community.



Authored by Shine.FM on October 12, 2020.