Dear Younger Me, 

You don’t have to have your future career all figured out, because God does! I know you feel the pressure to take the right classes in high school that could help you figure out what you want to do with your life, and I know when you get to your senior year, you’ll be wondering what major to choose, which will determine which colleges you visit and apply to, and that’s a lot. But girl, just ride the current! You’re going to look back often and realize how God’s hand was all throughout your journey leading you along the way. Your worries about education and perfect grades and scholarships and jobs were met and far surpassed by the divine plan God designed for you.

Rest your head, relax, and take it step by step. Because this day in your future, you’re going to see how it all came together. How God is so good. How His blessings are beyond your wildest dreams. In the shoes you’re standing in today, you wish for clear direction or a passion for a specific career that you had since you were two like some of the kids in your class, but there’s a beauty for you in allowing God to be your tugboat, because you will see so much of His goodness as He leads you through the waters. So, trust He’s got you, and He will continue to have you! 



Authored by Shine.FM on May 02, 2022.