Dear Younger Me,

Let go of what’s in your hands. Mom will tell you someday that you’re trying to carry it all on your own when you don’t need to. What God has for you is for you, and nothing can change His plan. You try so hard to muster your own way through, forgetting that God already has it all in His hands. Think about this - you love a good hug, but you can’t hug well when you’re carrying things in your hands and arms, right? The best, most beautiful hugs happen when you have nothing in your hands. Lay it all down at God’s feet, then embrace Him. 

Someday you’ll go rock climbing and learn this firsthand, but the path on the rock wall is called a “problem.” When you either make it to the top of the problem or can’t go any further (which is usually the case for you), you have to let go of the wall. Climbing back down the problem on your own is more time-consuming and uses more of your strength. Letting go of the wall takes trust in the person or system that belays you and holds your rope to bring you down safely. Relying on God’s strength and trusting Him through your problems also takes letting go of the things you think you need to hold onto. 

Surrendering your desires to His will isn’t easy, especially when you compare your life to your friends’ lives. It’s easy to see everything you think God is holding you back from, all the ways you think you’ve fallen behind in life, but God has a plan for you. It isn’t like anyone else’s plan. It’s all yours. Embrace Him, and embrace His plan for you.



Authored by Shine.FM on October 26, 2020.