Dear Younger Me,

Oh, sweet one, if you only knew how much you don’t need to overthink. You sometimes hate your brain, but what if you saw your brain as a gift from God, with a beautiful gift to think analytically? You just need to learn how to apply that analytical brain in the right ways. Sometimes you over-analyze so much that you end up in fear and doubt and you lose yourself. Refuse that. Choose instead to stand on what you know is true. 

Even the great gifts and blessings of God you overthink and overanalyze if you are really worthy of them. What if you recognized that though you aren’t worthy of God’s good gifts, you don’t have to overthink them and you can simply accept what God has given knowing that He loves to bless you, His child? 

Jesus came to set you free from sin and brokenness and give you an abundant life. When you get stuck in your head, you aren’t living. God isn’t asking you to be God and have it all figured out. If you took a look at your track record of overthinking, I’m sure most often your overthinking hasn’t actually helped but made the situation worse. God is God, not you, and He’s already done all the thinking for you. What a relief! Of course, there are situations that call for proper analysis. It’s definitely okay to give proper weight to the right matters. However, lay down those matters you’ve tried to figure all out by grasping them in your two hands and with your own brain instead of holding it out to God in trust, in faith, and in gratitude. 

Just imagine God smiling at you, saying, “Daughter, don’t overthink my love for you. Don’t overthink my gifts for you. Trust me.”



Authored by Shine.FM on December 20, 2021.