Dear Younger Me, 

Congratulations, it’s your wedding week! In all your longing as you wait for this week, I want you to know God sees you as you are growing up and maturing, and He is growing you and shaping you and His timing is oh, so good. The time you prayed by your bed like Grandma did hoping for a man to marry, the prayer request you wrote in your prayer journal that you could marry this man. All the times you’ve told him, “I wanna marry you” and the joy of him down on one knee. You’re going to stand at the beginning of this week and feel how surreal it is, how beautiful it is, and see how God answers prayer.  

As you grow, you’ll see the world has so many messages for women, but I hope that right now you’ll press into what the Bible speaks to godly wives. Find joy in being a helper. Find joy in humble submission.  

Praise God for His every gift to you. I wish you could know now how amazing the gift of this man is. How much he loves God, how handsome he is, his tender heart...the list goes on. Until then, celebrate the ways God works and the blessings He has in store for you that are better than you imagine yourself. Oh, the joy that is to come!  



Authored by Shine.FM on October 31, 2022.