Dear Younger Me, 

Stuff is cool, but it’s just stuff. It’s awesome to have all the cool toys, and then when you get older, you’ll still want to hang onto that stuff because it’s yours and maybe your kids will play with them someday, but it’s simply just stuff. And those papers you’ll write throughout your years of school are awesome to hold onto for a time, maybe, but you’ll rarely look at them again. I know you’re afraid to get rid of stuff, because you might want to look back at something someday, whether for use or for the memories. Holding onto all the stuff for the fear that getting rid of it will be a bad idea is not helpful in the long run, because someday, you’re going to move into new homes and all that stuff has to be packed, transported, and stored. And you’ll realize that some of the things you’ve held onto aren’t worth saving. 

 You’ll learn as you get older what a nostalgic person you are, how you love the things of your past. But you really don’t need it all. And, what you donate or give away could be better used in someone else’s hands than yours. Someone you love will someday tell you that they love traveling light and not accumulating a lot of stuff. What a sweet thing to think about, as you remember that all this stuff will be left behind some day for the treasures stored up in Heaven (Matthew 6: 19-21). 



Authored by Shine.FM on November 21, 2022.