Dear Younger Me,

If you were perfect, you’d have no need for God’s grace and the beauty of His love for you. Take the story of the woman in Luke 7. She was known for being a sinner, and yet, she took a very expensive gift to Jesus and gave it to Him along with her whole self, weeping at His feet. The story would look a whole lot different if she was a perfect woman. You wouldn’t see the beauty of Jesus’ grace to her. She wouldn’t fully appreciate it or experience Him and His love. Even though she was broken, Jesus welcomed her, forgave her, and saved her. 

It’s another story where Jesus’ power was made perfect in weakness. Why, then, would He ask you to be perfect, when He just wants you to rely on Him, when He wants to show you His power, when He wants His grace to reign in your life?

Bring your whole self and lay it down. Take it all to Him. I know you struggle with surrendering, but sweet one, I hope you would learn to surrender daily. As you struggle to hide all your broken pieces, Jesus sees you and loves you in your mess, and saves you from it.

Then, as the Luke 7 woman did, respond in love. 



Authored by Shine.FM on August 16, 2021.