Dear Younger Me,

When the lies invade your mind and heart, hold onto the words of God, and claim them for yourself. 

Isaiah 62 will one day become one of your favorite passages because of the beautiful words God uses to describe His holy city and people. God uses phrases like “crown of splendor,” “the Lord will take delight in you,” “your God will rejoice over you,” and “Sought After.” What if you start choosing to believe that’s how He feels about you, too?

Psalm 139 can be a hard one for you to really appreciate, but when you start to really dig into the words, you’ll see that its truth is meant for you, too. Even when the mirror isn't your friend, believe you are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” that God cares so much about you to know every single move you make and how many days you have and thinks countless thoughts about you. (The King of the world thinks about you - think about that!). From your very beginning in the womb, He watched over you - what a love!

Isaiah 43 can remind you of many other beautiful truths, like “you are mine,” “you are precious and honored in my sight,” “I love you,” and more. 

These aren’t the only passages that can show you how God sees you as one of His people, but these are some I’ve come to appreciate very much. You’ll find more, I’m sure. My hope for you is that you would hold these words so close to your heart that there is no room for lies. Your heart is valuable to your Father, and He wants you to know how lovely you are.



Authored by Shine.FM on July 02, 2021.