Dear Younger Me, 

Heaven isn’t Chuck-E-Cheese. Remember how cool it was when Mom took you there, but you could never earn enough tickets to get the coolest prizes. Heaven doesn’t have a point system, no ticket count to earn your way there. You might ask God what else you need to do for Him to say, “Well done,” but it isn’t God’s desire for you to cross items off a checklist or perform your way to glory. Because, your effort would never be enough. And it’s not about your effort, or trying harder. Your God wants you to love Him. To serve Him. And He wants you to know He already loves you. So love Him. Love His people. There’s no more pressure to score enough points for His good grace. Get it in your head that your God loves you not for your attempts at perfection, but because He simply loves you. 



Authored by Shine.FM on August 22, 2022.