Dear Younger Me, 

Cherish the grace instead of the guilt. There’s that memory that’ll stick with you for your life, of that time when your mom bought you a big balloon at a school event and you accidentally let it go. You watched that balloon float to the gymnasium ceiling in tears, and it was sad you lost that balloon, but I think equally, if not more than that, you felt like a disappointment. And your mom, so gracious, bought you another balloon. And yet, in all the years since that night, it’s still the guilt that overrides the grace.  

Girl, you have so much to learn about grace. You find it so hard to accept good things when you are living in the regret of your faults. Honey, you have to change where you fix your eyes. Your focus is on all the wrong, but God wants to lavish His grace on you, and grace should not be overlooked. God didn’t intend for our own guilt to overshadow His fantastic, indescribable grace. And I don’t know why Mom bought you another balloon that night, but I think it’s safe to say that she didn’t want you to stay stuck in remorse over that balloon you lost. She gave you another gift, and gifts are reasons to rejoice.  

Learn from those moments, but don’t let the guilt rule you, because grace, whether from people, God, or God through His people, is a gift to be celebrated. 



Authored by Shine.FM on February 21, 2022.