Dear Younger Me,

Believe God can use you even right now, because you are where you are for a reason. You’ll find yourself saying this quite a lot, that “it doesn’t matter how old you are or how young you are to make a difference.” It’s easy to say that about other people without believing it for yourself. 

It’s easy to watch any movie or show about a hero or heroine, no matter their profession, and to envy their ability to make a difference that you forget you can make a difference right where you are, too. It might not be an operating room or solving a crime, but God can use you right where you are, doing what He asks you to do. Be the one who makes a difference by staying a little longer to help clean up after practice. Be the one who chooses to sit with the girl who’s all alone. Be the one who holds the door open with a smile. I think our world underestimates the kind of difference those actions can make. 

And when you feel like you have nothing to offer, remember that God put Esther in the palace at just the right time to save her people, so He’s got you where you’re needed, too. Let Him take all the things you feel make you weak into His hands and let Him work. When you get frustrated trying to turn what you see as crumbs into cake all on your own, remember God is far better at that than you are. He put the ingredients of your life together, and He knows how they go together and who you can serve.




Authored by Shine.FM on January 18, 2021.