Dear Younger Me,

Oh, honey, if you could only know how fearfully and wonderfully made you are. You struggle so much to see it, but there is such beauty in how God designed you. Read Psalm 139. He saw you while you were being made. He intricately wove you together and saw you before anyone else ever did. Just the simple fact that you exist is a beautiful thought because that means God thought to make you and wanted you. Your spirit is one He wanted to love. And He thinks about you all the time.

It is so easy to compare your beauty to others and to desire what others have. But I just so wish you would know and stand with confidence in the loveliness of your own design. Yes, you do have flaws because you live in a broken world, but even still, hear God’s whisper, “I’ll still take you with all your failures and flaws.” 

And even with your personality and character, God put together a mix in you no one else has. You have the tendency, as others do, to scrutinize your mix. I wish you wouldn’t. I wish you would see and really dig into the beautiful parts of your character. 

You are so loved, you are so so loved. You are God’s daughter, Jesus’ sister, and goodness, to think about how God thinks about you. Walk and live and breathe in that love, sweet one. 




Authored by Shine.FM on September 27, 2021.