Dear Younger Me,

Choose worship over worry. I wish I could tell you I’ve mastered it. I haven’t. In fact, this past week I let worry get the best of me, and it wasn’t pretty. Instead of fighting all the worry and anxiety with the truth of God’s Word, or spending time in His presence, I let myself spin.

So my advice to you now is to choose worship instead. The brief moments where you did worship brought you peace, because you were reminded “God’s got this.” If anything, take notice of the people in your life who tell you the same thing. When they worship, the worry fades away. Focus on the problem turns to focus on God when you fix your eyes on Him.

Nothing you experience goes unnoticed by Him. Sing, go outside for some air, read the Bible and pray. Your exasperation and frustration with problems don’t really get you anywhere but further from the One who knows what He’s doing. Yes, it’s hard, but bring it all before Him with thanksgiving. I want for you to experience the joy and peace you could experience instead of worry if you’d only just give it all to Him.



Authored by Shine.FM on November 09, 2020.