Dear Younger Me, 

Cheer them on. Be a champion for the ones you love and even those you don’t know. When you set aside your nature of comparison, jealousy, and wanting the attention for yourself, you’re better able to focus on how you can support others. Because it’s not all about you. And here’s the thing...cheering is fun. Your loved ones love your presence, and that would be fine enough, but to have your praise and shouts and words of affirmation can go a long way, too. There are times as you grow up that your jealousy will win out. You’ll envy, you’ll cry, and you’ll desire the spotlight. What I desire for you now is that you would choose to cheer instead, that you would choose to lay yourself down and lift up your people. I don’t want you to live in regret of those times when you were self-centered and couldn’t encourage or celebrate others. And just think of all the times when others have been there for you!  

Romans 12:10 says, “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.” Make a poster, send a text, speak those words, yell as loud as you can, be there in person. Cheer them on. 



Authored by Shine.FM on June 27, 2022.