Dear Younger Me, 

Busy does not equal happy. Granted, resting doesn’t always equal happy either, but you’ll realize the beauty of rest someday. You’ll know what it’s like to be so busy you don’t have lots of time to sleep, and you’ll long for all the fun things to do on weekends and summers spent with the greatest adventures. But you’ll also one day realize how doing absolutely nothing can bring so much joy as well. Will resting mean you aren’t doing enough to push yourself up the ladder? Maybe. But when you run your ship aground, you aren’t going anywhere anyways. So, if you find yourself in a season where you need rest, then rest. Enjoy a Saturday not going anywhere. Take a nap. Appreciate the little things that bring you joy though you may not have a big goal you are working to achieve. Light a candle in the dark, sip some tea, take a bath, read a book. Call a friend, call your grandma, fix a puzzle.  

Better yet, and this is a practice to develop, free time can also be spent with God. You aren’t used to giving Him time in the middle of your afternoon but instead giving Him the last awake moments before you sleep. Better and much more life-giving than a nap, though you will find that someday you adore naps, time spent with God fills your soul so much more. And you can’t get more time with Him when you’re running around doing everything else. And, for sure, there will be seasons where finding time with Him will naturally be more difficult. But, like Grandpa will tell you, even five minutes. Make that a habit.  

Oh, how I want for you to be filled from beautiful time spent with the Living Water. So, while busy doesn’t equal happy, and rest doesn’t always equal happy, enough rest and time spent with Him bring joy. 



Authored by Shine.FM on March 14, 2022.