This past weekend was Easter – a time of reflecting and celebrating that we have salvation and a new life because of the sacrifice of Jesus. The season of lent leading up to Easter was a unique one for me. While this season seemed to be more ‘normal’ than Easter 2020, it still was different.


Lent is a time for us to intentionally bask in the sacrifice of Christ’s death in an attempt to understand this critical building block of our faith. My life has been so chaotic lately, being pulled in a million directions. I honestly didn’t fully realize we were in the season of Lent. I did not process that it was actually Palm Sunday until that Sunday, it just had not crossed my mind. This forgetfulness is not something that I am proud of, but I think there is a perspective shift I can learn from this.


If I am being honest, I typically only focus on the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection at communion times and Easter, yet this is the foundation of my salvation. I think that I tread too lightly when it comes to this story. I have heard this story told many times but have not truly studied it for myself nor looked at how I can apply it to my daily life. What if I became so in tune with recognizing His sacrifice and the power behind the resurrection that every Sunday became a celebration of Easter?


This Easter came without me truly taking the time to reflect on the seriousness and the power of the cross and empty tomb, but my prayer is that Easter will come without me realizing because I have already been spending so much time in recognizing His gift of grace and the power behind it.


Will you join me in diving deeper into the power of the cross and empty tomb on a daily basis?

Authored by Lucy LaMar on April 07, 2021.