Dear Younger Me,  

There’s something about the smell of a rainy day that takes you back to an elementary school fall break spent with your great-great uncle and aunt in the Upper Peninsula, and of course, you wish you could go back there. Not just back to the UP, but back there to the days when you were a carefree kid without the weight of the world on your shoulders. You also wish you could tell that girl everything she needs to know and all these lessons so she could avoid hurt and pain and grow up way stronger.  

But, you know it’s a good thing you can’t go back. Because if you did, you would miss out on all the ways God has revealed Himself to you. You would miss out on your faith made strong through Him. You wouldn’t depend on Him as much or come close to Him as much. Don’t long for a do-over. Don’t long to go back and avoid the pain. Thank God for every way He’s taught you more about Himself. Thank God for the ways He’s taught you to depend on Him. Thank God for the weakness that points you to His strength.  

Those Michigan days were beautiful and peaceful and lovely. But what the hand of God has purposed in your life is more beautiful than the smell of the rain in Michigan. 



Authored by Shine.FM on September 12, 2022.