Dear Younger Me, 

Move the Gospel forward and carry it to the next. Early in the book of Genesis in the Bible, it says, “At that time people began to call upon the name of the LORD.” Adam and Eve walked with God, and because of them, the succeeding generations would know God, too. And then you’ll hear a sermon someday about how Jesus’ resurrection radically changed His disciples’ lives, changing them from men who didn’t fully understand Jesus to men who gave their lives telling others about Him. They moved the Gospel forward to the next person and the next person, generation to generation. How beautiful that you get to receive the Word, because of those who faithfully and truthfully told others about the Truth that changed their lives. And you get to do the same. The enemy wants to stop you, and the Church, because he doesn’t want the Gospel preached. But I hope that you’ll fight for the Gospel and take up your armor, and you’ll stand to carry Jesus’ Good News to the next, because God’s salvation doesn’t end with you.  



Authored by Shine.FM on January 09, 2023.