Dear Younger Me, 

Overanalyzing is a weakness, but oh, what you can do when you use your gift of analyzing as a strength! You’ll be teased at how much you overanalyze, and you’ll also be mad at yourself for it, but you’re going to be in awe when you finally find yourself in a position where your gift of analysis really does help to make things better. Grow in that gift, along with the discretion of when to be analytical and when not to be.  

And some day, girl, you’re going to be able to own with more confidence that this is a gift. People will ask you what your strengths are, and you might feel wishy-washy as you struggle to give an answer about how God has gifted you (because your confidence is lacking), but I can’t wait for you to see this in yourself someday.  



Authored by Shine.FM on August 08, 2022.