Dear Younger Me, 

Let the fear of missing out give way to the joy of appreciation. The fear of missing out might be tied to feelings of being outside the in-group, or you might find that it’s tied to where you live when the people you love live further away. Your busyness may keep you from enjoying some of the things you’d rather do, but in those times where you envy what others get to experience when you can’t, remember what you do have. It’s easy to say that, and you might hear that over and over in your life, but it’s true.  

God’s good gifts abound to you. You might miss out, but what you get to enjoy is a blessing. When you’re jealous or beginning to envy, choose to flip the coin and see those good gifts. There really is beauty right where you are. And when it comes to the people you love, even if you miss out for one reason or another, remember that you are loved so well, and missing out doesn't change that.  


Authored by Shine.FM on September 19, 2022.