Dear Younger Me, 

Does it look like you believe in Jesus? Someone will ask that of your sister someday, because they see Jesus in her, though they may not believe in Him. That story will amaze you, and it will frustrate you, because you hope that others see Jesus in you, too. You can look at everyone else who seems to radiate the light of Jesus, and feel like you aren’t good enough because you aren’t like them. The thing is, your walk with Jesus will look different from your sister and each person next to you. I don’t think Jesus wants you to compare your relationship with Him to another person’s relationship with Him. But, I do think there is something to be said about seeing the relationship that someone else has with Jesus and desiring that closeness to Jesus, too. So pursue Jesus. Not the words you hope to hear from other people about seeing Jesus in you. Just pursue Him.  



Authored by Shine.FM on December 26, 2022.