Dear Younger Me,

If God can arrange all the events of time to point to Jesus and if He can arrange all the prophecies of time to be fulfilled in Jesus, He can hold you, too.

All of history led to Jesus. Even the symbols you can find in the Bible, Jesus became Himself. In this Easter week, you are reminded of the many ways Jesus was fulfilling what was spoken of Him centuries before. 

What an amazement testament to God’s grand design! He planned all of that and with no less than perfect timing! Where God has placed you in time, you have the great gift of being able to read and know that Jesus was the answer all along. 

If God’s timing was perfect then, His timing is perfect now. You may never understand on this side of Heaven why God waited to bring ultimate redemption, and it may be hard to understand why the areas of your life where you want redemption seem to be stagnant as well. 

Yet, imagine the people who loved Jesus as they watched Him hang on the cross. As they did life with Him, knowing Him more and more as their Messiah, they had to watch Him die, the one who they thought would be their rescue. What was going through their minds and hearts? I imagine they were grieving and mourning the loss of their friend and teacher and the loss of their hopes and dreams. How could God take Him away?

But Sunday came. Resurrection and redemption came. The impossible happened. In God’s perfect timing. 

And the same is true for you. You might be grieving the loss of hopes and dreams and the weight of brokenness, but take heart that Sunday is coming!




Authored by Shine.FM on March 29, 2021.