Set up Alexa for Shine.FM

Enable Skills

If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and want to listen to Shine.FM, just say “Alexa, enable Shine dot FM!”

Once you’ve enabled the skill, you can tell your Echo: “Alexa, play Shine dot FM.”


You can enable other Shine.FM channels:

For Spark HD say, “Alexa, enable Spark HD dot FM!” “Alexa, play Spark HD dot FM!”

For Shine Worship say, “Alexa, enable Shine Worship!” “Alexa, play Shine Worship!”

For Brilla say, “Alexa, enable Brilla dot FM!” “Alexa, play Brilla dot FM!”

For instructions on interacting with this skill, just say “Alexa, help.”

If you’d like to read more about the skill, click here.

Set up Alexa for Shine.FM